HP’s entry in 3D print. Meg Whitman’s comments with Cramer


HP’s Meg Whitman talked to Jim Cramer on CNBC yesterday and mentioned, again, HP’s eminent plan to enter the 3D market, possibly this calendar year (this blogger is not of the opinion the product will be to market in a substantial way by the end of HP’s fiscal close in October as some suggest––see below).

This topic has been discussed ad nauseam on-line, but here are my points about the interview:

1) It will be very interesting to see what happens in the market and positioning with current 3D giants Stratasys and 3Dsystems.  HP is going squarely after their sweet spot, the higher-end market space. Ms. Whitman refers to this as the “enterprise” space.

2) I think any business in the 3D print space, manufactures of printers, software vendors, and service providers will benefit by the trickle down affect as this giant enters the market. Long term, the playing field will define itself and many players in the “pro-sumer” market or more industrial desktop models with either benefit, or cease to exist.

3) If you don’t have time to watch the video or view the transcript, the key take-aways in my view are:  a) it was confirmed HP is entering the enterprise/larger market, not the “prosumer” market in an organic way, b)  One of the most important points I want to make about this interview.  Ms. Whitman states HP plans to “announce”   entry into this market later this year.  Everyone has jumped on the bandwagon thinking this means a product available in October ( HP’s fiscal close).  I think they are close, but I think an announcement is just that, and not something to expect seeing as  Go-to-Market quite yet ( hence my comment above). What I hear is forward thinking language by the senior leader…saying an official announcement is pending.  She did not say a product will be available to the market.  In Corporate speak these are two different things. c) Cramer ask pointedly if the technology was based on Israel technology, Q Cramer: “Well, is this the Israeli technology they are using?”  Answer Whitman: “Yes. The Israeli technology”.  Why is this potentially important? First it confirms some assumptions on what is the technology base.  Second remember, some of Stratasys technology, and half of the company that exists today is because of the merger between a US and Israeli enterprise.

The full official transcript can be found HERE.

Lets see how this develops.

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